THE GROWHOUSE 1,84 x 2,99 x 2,21m

THE GROWHOUSE 1,84 x 2,99 x 2,21m

We always advise customers to go for the largest greenhouse they can fit on their plot because once the greenhouse gardening bug bites you can never have too much room.
The additional space in this 1,84 x 2,99 x 2,21m greenhouse creates an excellent environment for you and your plants.  The greater air volume means the temperature fluctuations are more stable, which ensures a more consistent growing environment for your plants. The attention to detail, design and quality of this structure will give you many enjoyable years of greenhouse gardening.



Growhouse Greenhouses are hand built in Chester by professional joiners using Western Red Cedar, a top quality building material.


Here at Growhouse, we understand the value of using only timber sourced from environmentally responsible forests.

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